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The Story of Dongmei

Dongmei is a Chinese woman who ends up in the E.R. psych ward after fending off a couple of thugs and then inexplicably attacking the responding police officers. The film is an extreme battle of wits between an intelligent, somewhat wise-ass, medicated and unwilling patient who's adept at turning a conversation, and an overly confident psychiatrist. The doctor’s motives, however, are increasingly questionable. His confidence starts to falter as the session intensifies and his combative patient takes charge, interspersing vividly descriptive and surprising accounts of her past with perfectly timed personal attacks on her new sparring partner. Even after the doctor seemingly regains control of the session, forcing Dongmei to face some hazy and painful images, it's not unreasonable to expect the tables to be turned again to achieve an unexpected and powerful ending that will leave audiences questioning what was real and what wasn't. "Dongmei" is more than a dramatic thriller about a Chinese woman walking a thin line between reality and madness. It's also a powerful reflection on diverse cultural reactions to mental illness and the varied and often devastating effects of those reactions on individuals.


To and Fro Productions, LLC

To and Fro Productions, LLC is committed to producing works that stir the mind and spirit. We are the village story tellers. Founded by the creative talents of Cedric Hill and Kirk Johnson, the two partners have a combined 20 years experience in film and theater production and directing. The art of story telling is where this company finds its inspiration. Everyone has a story to tell, a connection to make, and we want to be there. "To and Fro Productions... Tell us a story."

Where's the Lake Productions, LCC

Where's the Lake Productions, an independent film production company founded by screenwriter Bob Messinger, is dedicated to creating platforms for quality scripts which otherwise would never be filmed. There are about a half million scripts circulating in Hollywood at any given time, according to Messinger. Of those, fewer than 50 are made every year. Where's the Lake Productions is one of a growing list of indie companies that want to make sure that quality stories don't go untold.

'Dongmei' is a joint production of

To and Fro Productions and Where's the Lake Productions

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