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'Dongmei' is a collaboration of a talented and dedicated

team of independent filmmakers. Here's the crew!

A well-rounded background as an technical director, actor, stage hand, writer and producer has influenced and prepared Cedric Hill for the role he relishes most...director. The art of telling stories has always been a driving force for Cedric. With more than a decade of professional expertise, he seamlessly traverses between theater and film using his innate curiosity to produce works replete with depth.To gratify his need to produce works of substance, Cedric founded To and Fro Productions in 2005.

Bob Messinger has studied screenwriting under some of the brightest professionals in both New York and L.A. His scripts have placed in competitions such as Francis Ford Coppela's 2006 American Zoetrope Contest (Semi-Finalist), the 2012 ENDAS International Screenwriting Expo (Best Script), the 2011 Garden State Film Festival screenwriting competition (Top-5 Finalist), and six of his scripts have been winners in the Indie Gathering International Screenwriting Competition (2012-2015), including "Dongmei."

In addition to being an accomplished writer, cinematographer, editor, director and gaffer, Jack Solomon is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Jack's work has been showcased in scores of acclaimed independent films. He is currently developing a children’s show and a superhero "mockumentary" series. Jack is skilled in state-of-the-art equipment like the TriCaster system, RED, SCARLET, ARRI ALEXA, Blackmagic and others. He is also an accomplished national stand-up performer.

Sreekanth Middela is currently the director of Percept Pharma Services in Bridgewater, NJ, but he is a lifelong, super-knowledgeable cinemaphile who studies screenwriting and filmmaking in his spare time. His passion for and familiarity of film and his business acumen have been instrumental in all phases of production of "Dongmei." Like the rest of the team, Sree is a strong supporter of independent film and steadfast in his belief that too many stories of substance go untold every year.

Dany Bouchedid is a relationship-driven entrepreneur, leader and visionary with a proven track record of success in building, growing and managing multi-million dollar enterprises. In 1999, he founded and is currently CEO of COLOTRAQ, a full-service sourcing and consulting firm that helps companies and institutions source data center colocation, managed hosting, cloud computing, network infrastructure and other related telecom services in 140 countries. Dany lives in Parsippany, NJ.

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